Gst Return

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This Guide is to assist you in preparing your GST Return. Please follow the instructions given to avoid mistakes. If you have any queries that are not mentioned in this Guide, kindly contact your local GST Office, and we will be most willing to assist you. A sample of a GST Return is enclosed as a reference to completing your return.Please note that this guide is not a substitute for the GST Act and its Regulations and, in the case of an inadvertent conflict, the Act and its Regulations will prevail.Remember to follow closely the instructions given and note that you may be.charged Penalty and Interest for late filing and late payment of GST due.

The law states that a registered person must account for and pay tax for each period or part thereof during which the person is registered. A GST return and payment is due within 15 days after the end of the tax period to which it relates. The law considers a registered person to be a taxable person. To understand the relevant sections of the GST ACT, you need to be familiar with the following terms: